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All Products In One Place ( trade only )

Product information - All cards are built using a white linen textured board.
Premier range cards have a full sized and folded inner leaf printed with an appropriate greeting.
All other ranges are printed with a greeting except the blank and note to say ranges ( which are blank inside )

We have gathered all products here to allow an ease of viewing and ordering.
Please take a note of codes and titles required and email your order to for on account or pre payment.

  Retail prices are shown here, trade prices are :
  Premier -Code A ( size 8x6 ) - £1.87 + vat ( rsp £4.50 ).     
All other codes ( sizes 7x5/8x4/6x6 ) - £1.45 + vat ( rsp £3.49).
For further info on a design , click the image and use the code oc1993