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Moving forward.

From our 'humble' beginnings ( still the same, older but even more humble ) in 1993

we've worked through crisis large and small but covid19 takes the biscuit

as it careered round the bend towards us.

Now we're blinking our eyes at the new world and thinking about the way ahead. As a

small family unit, like so many of you retailers out there, ( b.t.w. if you're a retailer whose just found us please get in touch, our products are proven sellers for decades now ) , we will dust off and move on with the trade we know and love.

We are set up with lots of stock and all still at the same price

( only £3.35 here and in the shops ) as we were.

We've gone for a fixed postage price of £1.50 on the site so order 1 or 6 and you'll only pay £1.50 p&p. Right now any online order of 3 or over will get you another free - just let us know by email what you want as the extra freebie.

So, we hope you love our products and if not already 'with us' that you'll come aboard and we can all move on, stronger and wiser, together.

Best wishes, Tom and Agnes.

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