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The Premier League for Occasions cards !

So when you come up with a new card range one big problem rears it's head...what do you call it ? Here in our wee workshop ( is 'studio' fancier when we're chatting about a top of the range product ? Ah well we like workshop, it has a cosy feel ). We just call it Code A because that's what it is to us, but does 'Code A' put across an image of quality, opulence, care of building, all the thoughts put into design, a bigger size, a lovely inner leaf...the list goes on but we felt 'Code A' possibly ( i.e. probably ) didn't say all of that, and more. We had to come up with a name for a prime item from our 'stables'. We could have called it Prime ! Too Late. After yonks of bandying names about, 'Premier' came out tops in every sense. So here it is - The Premier Range, everything the title says is built into every card. ( with synonyms being - excellent · superb · superior · choice · select · elite · quality · top-quality · top-grade · first-rate · first-class · top-class · best · finest ). I think getting a name is harder than making the cards, but maybe that's because I don't make them so am a touch biased !

Imagine that - 70 years of wedded bliss. Lovely. Nice ( Premier ) card by the way.

Greetings from us.

Tom & Agnes

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